Wednesday, May 12, 2010

boyfriend update

A year or so ago I wrote a post about some of my boyfriends at work. I am sad to say that one passed away, and I am just stunned that he could actually be gone. I thought he would be around forever. He deserved a quiet demise like falling asleep after a cigarrette and a burger, and forgetting to put his oxygen back on. I will visualize that that is how he actually went.

You will not be forgotten, and you made me laugh so many times- Thanks. I know that you are going to enjoy the lightness of afterworld.

I wish I had bought him the ham sandwich he asked me for the other day.


  1. wow... I can't believe that. I thought he'd be around forever too. somehow that makes me kind of sad.

  2. He shared a story with me just a couple of weeks ago about his horrid time in Vietnam and watching his buddies get blown up; he had tears in his eyes and talked about how he was spit on when he came back from the war. I realized at this point that he had been eating away his pain all these years. Very sad.